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Your 'No Maintenance' Website...

This fixed price website package is aimed at start up businesses/hobby business owners or those of you who are currently using social media to promote your services or products and would like to use a website to increase your internet presence.

What's included?


  • Personal web domain name chosen by you

  • Website themed to your business colour scheme/theme

  • You can include your own text information, titles, subtitles and up to 10 images

  • Contact form - linking directly to your email

  • Social media icon links to Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Tictok/Pinterest/Youtube

  • SSL secured website for both you and customer protection

  • Complete SEO services, linked to Google and other search engines

  • Current lead time on this website is just 10 working days - you really can be online in less than 2 weeks!

From £295*

*Hosting is £120 per year and initial domain registration followed by annual domain renewal is approximately £18, these costs need to be paid upfront within 3 days of website publication. More options are available for technical support packages, please ask. No hidden costs. You have the ability to cancel at any time in which case I will transfer your website and domain over to you without any hassle - your website, your domain... you are in control!

Your Website...

Start by taking a peak at 

This is a genuine 'no maintenance' website and is an example of how your website might look based on the 5 section framework demonstrated below...

For each section you will provide the text and a selection of images. 

In addition you can choose your fonts, colour scheme and graphics.

section 1.png

Section 1

A brief introduction to your business

Here you will include your Business name, logo and feature image/s.

section 2_edited.jpg

Section 2

About you & your business

Here you can write as much or as little as you like about you and your business.

section 3_edited.jpg

Section 3

3 Key points/services/products

In this section you will highlight 3 key products or services or anything you feel needs to be mentioned. This can be short and sweet or long and detailed.

section 4.png

Section 4

Social Media Feed

This is how the website becomes no maintenance. By linking your Facebook OR Instagram feed through your website it will constantly update every time you update your social media - thereby eliminating any need to make changes on your website.

section 5.png

Section 5


The Ask a Question form allows potential customers to contact you directly using a simple to complete form - this is linked directly to the email address of your choice, again eliminating any need to answer emails through the website software.

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