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Websites designed with over 18 years teaching/leadership experience in schools across England and Wales. 

Education Websites...

Is your website Ofsted compliant?

If you are reading this as a leader or manager of an education provider you will be only too aware of the guidance on what must and should be on your website. Before the arrival of Ofsted at your door, your website will be scrutinised for these documents. In addition to this there is an expectation that your website will reflect the provision and experiences offered to your children. It is a window into your school/business/provision before they even enter your doors hence why is is so important to get this right.

As an experienced website designer and having been a senior leader and teacher of IT, I have a wealth of experience with educational websites. I have been responsible for multiple whole school websites, SharePoints and VLEs.  I know what I am talking about when it comes to DfE and publishing online content. 


If you are interested in a review of your current website to ensure it is compliant or if you are wanting a new or improved website please get in touch for a transparent no obligation quote - I have an affordable solution for all educational institutions regardless of size or needs.

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